All about Buue

Welcome to Buue Studio, where you will find projects, prints and home decor that will make you smile. I'm Melissa, and I have always been a maker of things ever since I can remember, textiles being of particular interest. When my daughter turned 2, I started looking around for some cute things for her to wear, but knew I could do a better job making what I was looking for myself. I created 'little girl Pearl' when I couldn’t find any fun clothing in my daughter’s favorite color, “b-yoo” (or how she said the word blue when she was a toddler.).

Fast forward 15 years, and I'm still making clothes for kids, and creating fabrics and designs that bring playfulness to everyone's every day.  Buue became the antidote to the common and our little inside joke. 

Join our world where periwinkle chickadees find themselves in an aubergine landscape for an embroidery project. Where it’s only right that coral leopards leap in a hot pink strawberry jungle on a reversible dress.  I am passionate about celebrating color, pattern, and texture in everything I create.  Find delight in the uncommon and rediscover your inner child.