About me


I have always been a maker of things ever since I can remember, textiles being of particular interest. When my daughter turned 2, I started looking around for some cute things for her to wear, but knew I could do a better job making what I was looking for myself.  When people started asking me where I was getting her clothing, little girl Pearl was born.  

I believe it is the details that count. All of my clothing is sewn with quality in mind. Many pieces are completely reversible for twice the fun.  I make twirly skirts and dresses for the professional twirler, and have a variety of reversible pants for all the wee ones in your life.  I love to use piping, ric rac, and other fun trimmings for a unique look, and I choose bold, modern fabrics to pair with classic styles.  Print mixing is my superpower, so you will find unique fabric combinations you won't see anywhere else.

The fabrics I use are often in limited quantities and I do small size runs.  This means that when I run out of something, it is generally gone for good.  Like the fleeting nature of childhood, my available fabrications change quickly.  Luckily there are always beautiful new fabrics from which to choose!  You can always contact me directly if you are looking for something specific.